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How to Make Your Photoshoot Uniquely YOU

Aleigha Rand

6 September 2022

SO you've booked a photoshoot! You're spending good money to document this time in your life, and it is important that these photos capture YOU! The first step would be to choose a photographer whose style you love (*cough cough* raises hand... pick me!) because they will be in charge of making you comfortable and bringing out your real emotion and love! But you can also choose to include other elements in your session to show your life! Some ideas are listed below:

1. Choose a meaningful location, or at least a location that you love the look of! I love taking anniversary photos, and each year I try to choose a location that is meaningful to me. When we lived in Utah, I waited to take photos in the fall so that I could capture the beautiful fall colors that we enjoyed every year. Another year, I chose a grassy, rolling field in the canyon that was close to our house, since we spent so much time there in the summer. When we moved to Arizona, I wanted a typical desert look to celebrate the start of our life here so I chose a spot with beautiful Saguaro and prickly pear cactus. Each location reminds me of a different time in our lives and why we loved living there!

2. Choose clothes that you love! I have another blog post on how to put together beautiful, cohesive outfits for your shoot, but the main idea is that your clothes can convey your personality and style! Choose something that embodies your style and that you love!

3. BRING. YOUR. DOG. Bring your dog! If you ask me "can I bring my dog to our session?" I will always scream "YES!!". Okay, you don't neeeeeed to bring your dog but personally, I love the idea of including my puppy in our photos. She is an important part of our lives and won't be around forever, so it is important to me that she is a part of family photos. Plus, a dog can add so much character to photos! Just make sure to let your photographer know that you plan on bringing your pooch, so that they can be prepared! If I know that a dog will be coming along, I like to bring an assistant so that they can watch the pup while I get photos of just the couple or family. The dog usually appreciates the opportunity to get some good sniffing in at the new place too.

4. Bring meaningful props! Some of my favorite photoshoot ideas are the ones where the photoshoot is a cute date night! Setting up a picnic for you two to eat together, bringing pizza to share, shooting in your fancy car or on your motorcycle, or other activities make for the cutest candid photos! Depending on where you live, there may be businesses that offer vintage vans or fancy picnics. If you have an idea of something you want to do at a photoshoot, you can even save it for the last 15 minutes of the session where you can just let loose and have fun with your partner!

Well, there you have it, some ideas to make sure your next photoshoot showcases exactly who you are! And here are some cute dog photos for prosperity:

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