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How to Dress for a Photoshoot

Aleigha Rand

6 September 2022

Here we go! You've booked your photographer, you've chosen your date, time, and location, and you can't wait to take gorgeous photos with your lover! Now comes the most agonizing part: creating cohesive outfits that will look beautiful in the photos and show off your style! One of my FAVORITE parts of taking photos is putting together cute outfits for my hubby and me, and I'm here to help you!

1. FIRST STEP: Consider your session location and season

Keep in mind the setting in which you will be taking photos. The location and the time of year can guide you in deciding what colors and style you would like. Neutral colors will always look amazing, but you can also tailor the colors in your outfits to work with the landscape. For example:

  • Green, rolling hills can be complemented with a cool color palette with blues, black, white, tan, or even blush

  • A beach scene would work well with brighter colors that will pop with the neutral background: peach or blush, pale orange or magenta. Or a seafoam green with blues and tan would pop as well!

  • A typical desert location would look great with a brighter color like red or green, or a white dress would look stunning!

The goal is to work with the scenery, but you can decide whether you would like your outfit colors to complement the land or pop out!

2. One outfit at a time:

Once you have an idea of what colors you would like to include in your outfits, it is time to start choosing clothing pieces! FIRST you need to decide who is more particular about clothes and choose that outfit first. In my marriage, that would be me! My husband is much more easy-going, so that means that I need to choose what I will wear first.

The two golden rules are to choose something that is COMFORTABLE and MAKES YOU FEEL CONFIDENT. Whether you choose a beloved piece from your closet or choose to buy something new, make sure that you LOVE it! Wear it a few times before your shoot to make sure that you can move in it and that you are comfortable.

3. Piecing together the puzzle

Once you have one outfit, you should consider what colors COMPLEMENT the first outfit. The goal is not to be too matchy (the days of everyone wearing a white shirt and blue jeans are gone!) while still having outfits that are cohesive. Some common color combos are:

  • Blush, tan, brown, white

  • Light blue, white, black, khaki

  • Peach, pink, tan, white

  • Orange, gray, light blue, tan

As you can see, it is typical to have one or two main colors, with a few neutrals to complement. Balance is key!

Here are photos from my clients who had PERFECT complementary outfits:

The bright colors in moms dress and dads shirt worked beautifully with the neutral beach colors, and baby and daughter had the perfect complementary outfits for mom and dads brighter clothes!

The lush green background is complemented by the blue and white in mom and dads outfits, and baby had on a blue and white dress to tie everything together.

Mom chose different shades of pink combined with white and tan to complement that golden hour colors of the mountain!

And there you go! You have the steps to put together beautiful outfits for your next photo session, you can do it! All of the luck to you!


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